Trucks N'  Stuff
Trucks N' Stuff assembled tractor trailer trucks

Trucks N' Stuff assembled tractor trailer trucks

Trucks N' Stuff is located in Stockton, California, and was founded in 1992 by Bruno M. Cerri. Trucks N' Stuff manufactures a line of fully assembled semi kits that include tractor and trailer in colorful, prototype schemes.

Peterbilt and Kenworth American Tractor/Trailer

Peterbilt and Kenworth American Tractor/Trailer

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Peterbilt 386 Tractor w/53' Reefer Van -- Marten Transport HO (SKU: 734-10007801)
Tractor-Only Super 4-Pack #1 -- Peterbilt 386, Freightliner Cascadia, Kenworth T660 & International Prostar (SKU: 734-100122)
Tractor-Only Super 4-Pack #3 -- Freightliner Cascadia (1 orange, 1 black & white) & Int'l Prostar (orange) (SKU: 734-100124)
Tractor-Only Super 4-Pack #5 -- Kenworth T660 (1 white, 1 blue) & International Prostar (1 white, 1 blue) (SKU: 734-100126)
Freightliner Cascadia High Roof Sleeper w/53' Dry Van - Assembled -- Market Transport 1/50 Scale (SKU: 734-115453)
American Tractor/Trailer Freightliner Cascadia w/53' Reefer Van - Assembled -- Interstate Distributors 1/50 Scale (SKU: 734-90068)
Truck Semi Tractor Super 4-Pack - Assembled -- JB Hunt Intermodal/DCS HO (SKU: 734-SP110121)
Semi Truck Prostar Day Cab w/28' Double Van Trailers - Assembled -- Sysco Foods (white, blue Lettering) HO (SKU: 734-SP118)
Semi Truck Prostar Day Cab w/53' Dry Van Trailer - Assembled -- Sysco Foods (white Tractor, chrome, blue Trailer) HO (SKU: 734-SP124)
Semi Truck Volvo Day Cab w/53' Container on Chassis Trailer - Assembled -- NZL (green, white) HO (SKU: 734-SP142)
Semi Truck HO Limited Run (SKU: 734-SP150)
Semi Tractor Only 4-Pack - Assembled -- Swift Transportation 2 Each Cascadia & Prostar Tractors (4 Different Logos) HO Limited Run (SKU: 734-SP2003)
Coronado High-Roof w/Freightliner Racing Trailer - Assembled -- Freightliner (black, silver, Flames & Logo on Tractor) HO (SKU: 734-SPT3098)
Kenworth T700 Tractor w/Racing Trailer - Assembled -- Panella Motorsports (yellow, green) HO (SKU: 734-SPT3188)
Kenworth W900 Semi Tractor w/53' Reefer Trailer - Assembled -- Silver, Blue w/Chrome Trailer HO (SKU: 734-SPT3250)
Peterbilt 587 w/Spread-Axle Reefer Van Trailer - Assembled -- White, Chrome Trailer HO (SKU: 734-SPT760)
Peterbilt 587 w/Spread-Axle Reefer Van Trailer - Assembled -- Yellow, Chrome Trailer HO (SKU: 734-SPT761)
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( provides HO model trains that illustrate authentic detail, color schemes, sound, scale motive movement, that generates the ambience of a passing railroading era able to be reconstructed with such detail to become realistic and alive before you. Authenticity exists in the numerouse details exhibited with each product we sell designed and modeled from original engineering drawings and historical photographs.