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Bethlehem Car Works Kits

Bethlehem Car Works Kits

Makers of High Quality Custom Passenger car kits

Makers of High Quality Custom Passenger car kits

The Bethlehem Car Works are makers of High Quality, Custom HO Scale Model Railroad Passenger Car Kits & Parts
Brass Car Sides Kits

Brass Car Sides Kits

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Restaurant-Lounge Car Kit w/Brass Car Sides -- New Haven Railroad Plan 4019 (Back Order) (SKU: 718-446)
Diner-Lounge Car Kit w/Brass Car Sides -- Chesapeake & Ohio Plan 4019 (Back Order) (SKU: 718-447)
Pullman Parlor-Restaurant-Lounge Car w/Brass Car Sides- B&M Plan 4019B "Onward or Progress" (Back Order) (SKU: 718-512)
Class A-e Coach - Plastic Kit - Less Trucks & Couplers -- Baltimore & Ohio (Back Order) (SKU: 718-610)
Class A-18 Coach w/Brass Car Sides -- Baltimore & Ohio (SKU: 718-611)
68' Coach Kit w/Brass Car Sides -- Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis (SKU: 718-712)
Coach Kit w/Brass Car Sides -- Erie #1000-1018 (Back Order) (SKU: 718-811)
Class G74 Baggage Car NYC (Special Order) (SKU: BCW-1230)
Horse Express Car NYC #5600-5614 (Special Order) (SKU: BCW-1231)
SANTA FE 40' Baggage Express Car, Laser Cut Wood Kit (Special Order) (SKU: BCW-1301)
Class 5M3 Mail Storage Car N&W (SKU: BCW-1432)
Class M53 Mail Storage Car, L&HR (SKU: BCW-1433)
Reading CO Class PBR Coach (SKU: BCW-1525)
RDG/CNJ Class PBn Arch Roof Coach (SKU: BCW-210)
Double Door Combine Kit B&M ME (SKU: BCW-223)
Class CVI Combine w/ac RDG (Back Order) (SKU: BCW-224)
Class MBR RPO Baggage Car, Reading, Brass car sides (Back Order) (SKU: BCW-236)
Plan 2410 12-1 Sleeper, Pullman Mech Air Conditioning (SKU: BCW-2410)
RPO Baggage Car, B&M #3110-31 (SKU: BCW-242)
Blue Comet Cafe Car (SKU: BCW-261)
78' RPO Smoker RUT #274-6, plastic and etched (SKU: BCW-274)
Class CVH Combine CNJ RDG clearstory roof less truck (SKU: BCW-320)
Class B60 Baggage Express Car PRR, Modern Doors (SKU: BCW-434)
READING CVM Combine Arch Roof (Sold Out) (SKU: BCW-591)
Class A18 Coach B&O (SKU: BCW-611)
Class H11 Postal Car (SKU: BCW-640)
ERIE Class C9 Baggage Express Car, Laser Cut Wood Kit (SKU: BCW-849)
B&M/MEC Class PBn Arch Roof Coach, (SKU: BCW211)
Seaboard Air Line PBn Arch Roof Coach (Back Order) (SKU: BCW213)
RDG/CNJ Class CV1 Arch Roof Combine (Special Order) (SKU: BCW220)
B&M Class CV1 Arch Roof Combine (Back Order) (SKU: BCW221)
Reading Class BAv Baggage Express Car (Back Order) (SKU: BCW230)
PRR Class B70 Baggage Express Car, #6000-6054 (Back Order) (SKU: BCW431)
PRR Class B62 Baggage Express Car (Back Order) (SKU: BCW432)
PRR Class B60 Baggage Express Car (Original Doors) (Back Order) (SKU: BCW433)
PRR Theatrical Scenery Express Car (Modern Doors) (Back Order) (SKU: BCW436)
PRR Horse Express Car (Back Order) (SKU: BCW437)
PRR Class M70b Railway Post Office Car (Back Order) (SKU: BCW440)
PRR Parlor-Lounge Car, Plan 4019 (SKU: BCW441)
PRR Pullman #4019B Parlor-Restaurant-Lounge "COURAGEOUS" (Back Order) (SKU: BCW452)
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( provides HO model trains that illustrate authentic detail, color schemes, sound, scale motive movement, that generates the ambience of a passing railroading era able to be reconstructed with such detail to become realistic and alive before you. Authenticity exists in the numerouse details exhibited with each product we sell designed and modeled from original engineering drawings and historical photographs.